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Dave Kempf
The Waring Pro and My Fried Chicken

The first “test run’ of the new Waring Pro Deep Fryer worked out pretty well. I didn’t really think there would be an opportunity to try it again so soon, but when my oldest daughter, Molly, and her fiance, Matt, came to visit for the weekend, I was bragging on the fried chicken, and they requested a batch. 

There was one slight challenge in that Molly is allergic to wheat and corn. The corn wasn’t the issue as I find it better to fry with Peanut Oil, anyway.  The wheat, however, is another matter.  We solved it by coating her chicken in rice flour and cooking it first, preventing the oil from becoming contaminated with the wheat flour used on the rest of the batch.

I did learn a valuable lesson in frying: rice flour needs to be cooked at a slightly lower temperature.  It browned a bit more than we would have liked, but still turned out tasty.  Next time, I’ll simply cook at 325 degrees, rather than the usual 375.

Robin and I are going to experiment over the summer with a few different techniques and recipes, but it will be hard to beat how flavorful this chicken turned out. We bought a whole chicken and cut it into 8 pieces. I coated it using a combination of flour, paprika, salt and pepper. You can be generous with the paprika.  The paprika gives the finished chicken a nice “golden glow”.

After coating, I simply fry for 15 minutes at 375 degrees. After taking the chicken out of the oil, I suggest inserting a digital instant read thermometer to assure inside temperature is 180 degrees. This is actually a good idea when grilling as well, and, of course, the internal temperature will vary depending on they type of meat. 

One thing we really like about the Waring Pro is the easy clean up. All of the pieces, the top—heat element—and oil container separate for easy washing. Using a funnel, I simply pour the cooled off oil into an empty milk jug and cap to discard.

The next test will be fried catfish; the beauty of this outdoor fryer is the elimination of food odors from the house.  My recipe for the catfish came from my good friend and great cook, Marc Dublin.  Stay posted to see how it turns out!

  1. cookbooksareme said: I didn’t know Molly was engaged!!! Fabulous….and oh yeah, the chicken sounds wonderful too! Fried Catfish is a comfort food for me from my dad.
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